(A fictional account of an Indian investor in the year 2030)

Diary log 1st April 2030, Got up to a glorious day, had an early shower and got on to my self driving electric vehicle on my hour long commute to the office at 7am. Hot Coffee and freedom to read the E newspaper in the large screen display in my automobile are the luxuries that I relish on my rides in the morning. After Reaching office , I only travel twice a week to the office to attend some crucial meetings, rest is done from my home located 65 kms away from Chennai, in a 5 acre farm within which I grow my own vegetables, paddy and a small poultry for my eggs as well.

Today the Sensex ( Bse 30 stock Index) touched a new milestone of 100,000 points, I have reasons to smile as my investment portfolios held in Equities and stocks have done well. While the past 10 years have been periods of trials and tribulations when my conviction in equity has been tested, I dare say today I stand vindicated, with the performance of the Indian Economy & Stock markets in the past 10 years. The Compounded annual movement of the Sensex over the past 10 years has been 11%, my own portfolios have performed in line this growth.

As investors we often suffer from Myopia ( Short sightedness), just a decade ago,things seemed very different for me, we had decades of massive economic change with demonetisation, GST implementation etc.. with the large scale economic surgery and the massive Pandemic in 2020, leaving the economy in deep pain. I was often tempted to believe that there was no future in Equity based on the way the markets had plummeted. However since then the Indian economy has gained in strength and been growing steadily thanks to the growing population of young Indians and demand outstripping supply in almost all areas. The new breed of never say die Indian entrepreneurs and the Globalised Indian work force that believes it is as good if not better than the rest of the world has led to a steep increase in productivity coupled with the size advantage has helped India become the latest financial superpower of the world.

With a flatter world and connected as well, more Indians are owning shares in Google & Facebook, while more foreigners are holding Indian stocks raising the levels of corporate Governance in Indian Companies to global standards.

Crypto Currencies raised by major corporations enable major trade and most banks are electronic with very limited physical presence.

While some of the legacy problems do continue to bother us, I am excited with the journey of the past 10 years and even more excited about the future.

Wish you could see what I see in 2030, you will view your portfolio in 2020 very differently.

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