Financial Independence is not FREE!!!

Most people use the word Independence & freedom interchangeably. It is a fact that India gained its independence from the British Rule on 15th August 1947 and its people gained freedom from tyranny & Oppression. Of course India has gained its independence but what about us, have we gained our financial independence ?

Financial independence is the status of having enough income to pay for one's reasonable living expenses for the rest of one's life without having to rely on formal employment. The core path to achieve financial independence focuses on maximizing one's savings rate through lower spending and/or higher income. Source : Wikipedia

Answer these three questions to judge your financial independence quotient:

  1. Are you working in an area of your deep passion (IKIGAI), without monthly paycheck being the determinant of your choice of work ? or

  2. If you lose your job or your employer closes shop, you have enough to go by for the next few years till you find something you are passionate about and which covers your expenses ? or

  3. Your existing investments provide returns that cover up to 40 % of your current expenses (annual or monthly)?

No, there are no Metrics to the above questions. We are just attempting to show you the mirror that one rarely gets to see.

Financial Independence gives you the ability to pursue what you truly desire in life without the pressure of having to do something just to pay your bills. It is advised for everyone, but surely a must for people who are over the age of 40 years… if nearly two decades of working hasn’t made a difference, what else will ? take a few moments to introspect.

Achieving Financial independence is an interplay of the following factors

  1. A deep introspection of your life and lifestyle, you live only once , what would you like your life to be and what would you like to be remembered for.. what’s your life’s purpose ( IKIGAI)?

  2. Financial Independence is rarely something that happens when you wake up one morning. It happens in a very deliberate manner through a well thought out long term planning considering various aspects.

  3. While many of us are masters at making plans, financial independence succeeds only when the above two are followed by a monk like discipline in executing the plans. The focus at execution needs to be absolute and undeterred to enable you to reach the financial state to be able to attain your financial independence.

So this August 2020, take a little time out of your webinars and meetings to introspect about your passion and if you have the financial independence to chase your dreams ? After all we all have one life , why waste it living someone else’s dreams, when you can live your own dream.

Reach out to us at if you are keen on achieving your financial independence.

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