Principles of a Long Drive.

July 7, 2020



Let us imagine, you are driving from Chennai to Bangalore, the distance is 350  kms, the roads are fabulous and the scenery is brilliant on the highway.. but to get to the highway you have to beat the city traffic which is slow, unpredictable, with lots of fits & stops and therefore it can  sometimes be frustrating. Also, before you start such a journey, you check your vehicle for fuel, air pressure(tyres), Oil level, Air conditioning etc among the many. But once you get started, you look to your windscreen to make sure you are maneuvering the vehicle on the  route to reach there. You also sometimes look to the rear view to ensure that the vehicles behind are at a safe distance especially when you have to overtake another vehicle, follow these simple routines and you should get to Bangalore in good shape and time.


Same follows whilst investing for your long term. Since your investing is also mostly for long term like children’s education or your own retirement needs. All you need is a sound financial plan ( akin to checking your vehicle), once you have internalized the Plan, just drive towards your goal.. don’t keep constantly checking your portfolio/or markets for validation ( akin to checking your fuel every 10 kms..) go forth and keep driving,you still have a long way to go and the volatility in the markets will handle itself and will get sorted in the meantime. Your anxiety will not change anything. It will only make you take decisions that will leave you regretting your actions. Trying to judge your road ahead by constantly reviewing it based on past actions is quite like driving looking at the rear view mirror.. you are likely to end up in an accident. So look front and drive.


So the magic to a safe  investment  ride is :


1. Create a good Financial Plan

2. Make sure you look in the front and not in the rear view mirror

3. Do not let short term issues disturb your long term vision. Keep moving forward.


Follow these simple guidelines and  you will reach your Investment goal in good shape and time.



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