February 8, 2019

Zen is the ancient Buddhist philosophy of Mindfulness. It encourages one observe without acting.At the heart of this Buddhist philosophy is the teaching to observe and let actions follow, without interfering therein. Let’s say we were to observe a caterpillar struggle within its cocoon still we know to leave it as it is the struggle that is essential in it becoming the beautiful butterfly.  

The Art of Investing is very similar to the ZEN philosophy. After deep due diligence once you have committed your investment for the long term, you are to stay committed to it without giving in to the urge to tamper with it. If one reacts to short term events and interferes with their investments, the result will be sub optimal and sometimes unpleasant. We can take all the time to commit, but once committed, one must stay committed to see the journey through.


Investors in the Indian Equity markets have committed to being invested for a period of 3-5 years to reap the best benefits. Yet, some short-term market volatility unsettles them, and they believe they need to respond. Keep calm and curb your instinct to respond to every change in the markets and readjust their portfolio. Believe me TIME is the best balancer of markets and with TIME your investments will blossom. 


For a great investing experience, bring out the ZEN MASTER in yourself. 

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