June 1, 2018

For too many people constant action seems to symbolize progress. However in the world of investing, once you have determined your financial plan and got the implementation going.. what you need is a ZEN like calm to sit quietly and watch the grass grow.


Everything takes time, a child needs 9 months to be born..yet in today’s environment of instant karma.. we find that the moment you enter an elevator, within 3 seconds we have the urge to press the door close button.  We are used to Swiggy delivering our food in 15 min. We are used to Ola cab arriving at your doorstep in 10 mins. We live in the age of on-demand movies. So, we expect everything to happen at the snap of our fingertips. 

However, few things cannot be done on demand like, human relationships. They still take time and energy to build the relationship. 


Investing once you have picked up an investment idea after thorough due diligence, one needs time for the investment to deliver the desired returns. Constantly moving in and out of investments does not bring the desired results. Only need based action, if at all, is needed. So once investments are put into action, sit back and review periodically but not with an intent to act; more to keep an eye. 

So, the next time you are tempted to ACT, just remember being KEEPING CALM is an ACT too, and a difficult one at that.

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