It’s Valentine’s Day - Show your valentine that you truly love her

Somehow, from the films and television we have always watched seem to tell us that to love, means to give gifts. Whether it is to present a bouquet or to treat your partner to a party etc. these are all various ways in which we are taught to show love for our valentine. However, while these are good, I would say there are more thoughtful ways of saying I LOVE YOU to your valentine (especially if you are married). In this context, the ‘I love you’ would mean ‘I CARE FOR YOU’

In the personal financial space, a person can show his care for his loved ones by:

  1. Making sure that he is following a good financial plan and savings or investing habit to ensure that the long term financial needs of the spouse and the family at large is taken care of.

  2. He has provided for a Term Life Insurance for himself and his spouse adequately so that in the unlikely event of something happening to him, there would be money available with the family to help them carry on with life. While the absence of the person can never be replaced, the financial vacuum can certainly be provided for. This must be done if you love your spouse.

  3. If you truly love your spouse, then is important that you keep fit and also take Medical insurance to cover yourself, spouse and other family members.. so that in the unlikely event of any hospitalization… you are not stressed with having to mobilize cash and you can walk in and get treated based on your Mediclaim.

So as you can see… there are many ways to show your love to your Valentine. Make a difference and show it by using financial prudence so that your Valentine feels well taken care off.

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