Discover the Mahatma in your investing journey!

October 5, 2017

It is the 2nd of October, the birthday of Mahatma. Mahatma Gandhi ushered in India’s Freedom from the British Empire by using some unprecedented approaches that were unconventional yet hugely impactful. Can some of those ideas guide us to be better investors?


At a time when violence was seen as the only tool to oppose a tyrannical regime, Mahatma used a hitherto unheard-of approach of AHIMSA (NON VIOLENCE), coupled with non cooperation, as principal means of opposing the British Empire. This was an unattractive approach and therefore dismissed, even by the British, as a move that was unsustainable. However, history would go on to show that unconventional ideas if pursued with passion & vigour and sustained over a period of time can usurp governments and kings.


In the investment parlance, it is important to take some unconventional routes especially if you are looking at unconventional returns there from.  So be it that small cap stock or unknown scheme, as long as you believe that there is value in the investment and if you are willing to give it time to blossom, go ahead. Or in the case of a sector fund or stocks, whose fortunes you believe are about to turn around for the better, are still valued cheaply by the stock market as the stock market is yet to warm up to that idea.


Passion and Audacity can be an extra ordinary combination in achieving extra ordinary results. The Mahatma was passionate about personal freedom of the individual and had the audacity to dream that one day all his countrymen would be free in their own country. Both these dreams appeared foolhardy, when he initially started. However, if one is passionate, he needs nothing else and that passion will drive one past all obstacles.


Similarly, with Investments if you dream an audacious goal for yourself and pursue it with passion, nothing can keep you from reaching your goal. Let’s say you wanted to be worth 100 Crores in 20 years. Then, you need an audacious plan which will be fool proof. You will need to work hard and smart every single day and lo and behold you will reach your 100 Crore mark in 20 years.


So let us discover the Mahatma in ourselves by taking an unconventional route while we back it up with Passion and Audacity of thoughts & actions. With this you’re sure to be successful in your wealth pursuits.


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