September 18, 2017

Running a Marathon with a day’s preparation?


Most times we come across people who are looking at quick and handsome returns, but both these terms are oxymorons.  If you get quick returns, it is mostly small and if you get handsome returns it is most often in the long term. Having said this, there is a human inclination to always try a shortcut route to growing wealthy. Many people who are thronging to the stock market, through stocks or equity mutual funds, are part of this tribe of people who want quick returns. This is something like trying to run a MARATHON ( 42.195 Kms) with a day’s preparation. There is only one result. "You could get yourself killed". 







On running a Marathon, 


If you are not a regular runner, the first step is to start with baby steps. Run short distances like 1 or 2 kms at a very slow pace till one gets accustomed to running for a longer time. It's best to attempt a 10 Km run, which could take about 16 weeks from the time you start training. It is best to run a few 10 km runs, then graduate to half marathons ( another 16 weeks) and after running a few half marathons to start training for the FULL MARATHON ( 42.195 kms). This could take a total of about 24-32 weeks depending on your age, fitness levels and more. Add all the above, and you would land up at about 2-3 years. So, to run a full marathon and staying alive to tell the tale is a 3-year exercise that one needs to start preparing for.


So is the case with creating wealth,


You need to plan to stay in the game for a period of at least 20 years if you want to create serious wealth.  Unlike popular belief, wealth creation is not so much about getting your investment bets right, as much as it is about staying disciplined throughout your investment journey without taking your eyes off the wealth target that you have set for yourself.


So go forth, spend time in getting your PLAN right and PREPARE for the LONG HAUL and there is NO WAY YOU CAN FAIL IN BEING WEALTHY.

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