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Comprehensive Wealth Management

Most people’s initial focus in life is their career and family, it is only when they reach their 40s that they start to look at their life more holistically. It is in this middle age that they realize that they have not been on top of their finances as they would like to. This is an important time  to PAUSE and take stock of ones life esp the finances to ensure that next two decades provides enough opportunity to plan. The important rule is to DELVE DEEP INTO ONES LIFE TODAY, IF YOU WANT TO PLAN FOR THE FUTURE.

Finsherpa with its customized Financial Planning tools is well poised to help you plan your finances so that the short , medium and long term needs for money like your children’s college education or  your retirement etc is well provided for.  We would not just stop there but help  you to take an informed decision on your investments and help review it periodically as well.


Investment Execution Services (IES)

If your intention is just to ensure that your savings are  made work better than lying idle in the long term. We can suggest and implement best in class investments across Mutual Funds, Equities, Bonds & Debentures, Life & Health Insurances included.


Money Counselling & Finsherpa Workshops

A lot about Money management is about the individual. We are nothing but a collection of our upbringing, experiences of  childhood to adulthood.. including the habits contracted along the way. At Finsherpa.. we have understood the MAGIC of  GOOD MONEY HABITS in MONEY MANAGEMENT. We provide periodic counseling sessions and Workshops to ensure that you re learm GOOD   MONEY HABITS  to help you manage your money better and yield a better experience in helping reach your milestones.

Please watch out for our  Finsherpa Workshops.. coming to a place near  you. (we do corporate and group programs and if you would like us to do a program for your team, please  reach out to us at our mail ID - Info@finsherpa.com)


Corporate  Mentoring (Start Ups)

While we may have prolific and extra ordinary ideas… most start ups struggle to grow BIG and remain Still born mainly on account of two reasons,  their inability to create a GO TO MARKET Strategy for their idea  and the second is their management of money. Finsherpa engages with Corporates selectively in providing this much needed hand holding to help them make the cut.

(write to us with a brief summary of your issues and we will come back to you.  Our mail ID is info@finsherpa.com )

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