"Tax is the only Constant"



Tax often feels like an unfair grab of your hard earned money..  come to think  of it.. more than 100 % of all the items we earn or spend on a day to day basis suffers tax either directly or indirectly. Is there a way by which one can avoid tax ? should one cheat the system or do anything illegal to get by with lesser taxes.. ?


The answer is NO. At least in the area of Direct taxes related to individuals.. there is relief provided under various provision of the Income Tax Act wherein the individual can do LEGITIMATE TAX PLANNING and get a BIG TAX SAVING.


In the early years of working when one’s actual income itself rather low.. paying Income tax seems unfair. However through a series legitimate and smart tax based investments, one can get by with nearly ZERO tax liability ( applicable to income of a certain level).


On the  other  hand as one grows old,  significant tax liability arises over a period of time when one accumulates wealth and that wealth in turn earns a return.. it is this return that one needs to plan well to avoid


Finsherpa with its deep knowledge of  these options is well placed to provide the best in class advice in tax planning and support you in executing the same.


So let your TAX not TAX you anymore….

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