“If you don’t plan your life.. you will be forced to follow someone else’s plan.. and guess what they have planned for you..NOTHING" - Jim Rohn


Financial planning is the process of identifying your future needs and designing a model to enable you to work to reach your goals. All humans have similar goals.. if married to buy a house , vehicle… if one has children.. then to plan for their higher studies, marriage expenses etc.. and if one is working then eventually to provide for a regular cashflow in their post retirement life. While the amounts may vary based on individual aspirations, the need is very much common. Given that each individual has a different need, different temperament, and background the Financial plan for each individual will be different to suit that individual need.


Finsherpa with its deep understanding of the needs as also the tools needed to assess the risk and temperament.. is well suited to help you in creating your customized Financial plan and also guide you in reviewing the implementation of the Plan through investments so that one takes the most predictable route to achieving ones goals  with a peace of mind.

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