Effort + Time = GOAL

As an amateur runner, am often quizzed by friends and colleagues, can I register and run in the half marathon that is happening next month ? In my reckoning to run a good half marathon and stay healthy, you must do reasonable amount of practice and training starting atleast a year in advance. It will involve you practicing running and strength training atleast 4/5 days a week at the minimum as you build your strength and increase intensity needed before the big day. If you followed a schedule and built your practice steadily with discipline, then running a half marathon will seem like a walk in the park. So the answer to the above question from my end would be NO you cannot run a half marat

Slump in sales of Underwear

Yes Economic Times ( 16th August) reported this news.. It must really be bad times facing the Indian economy.. if the sales of underwears has dropped to a multi year low, it is the last straw on the camels back… first it started with the news of economy slowing down.. then the news spread quickly to industries slowing down.. then came the news of the slow down in the auto sector.. now this. We believe the solution to this is not within our hands and the best minds in the govt and industry are already looking into it. But as they say, every dark cloud has a silver lining, in fact we have two in the Indian investment context currently. 1. Debt investments is looking interesting, be it a

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