Surgically Strike your Portfolio

Surgical Strike in a military term alluding to the quick and effective manner in which a small team of military commandos take out specific enemy target with precision and deadly accuracy. The key importance of a Surgical Strike is the Speed and the stealth applied to obtain a huge impact. In the context of portfolio management also we can use this concept with great degree of success. Let us say over the past year your portfolio of Mid & Small cap stocks / mutual funds have been severely impacted due to the stiff market corrections on the same. However as we start seeing that the worst is behind us with some of these mid/ small cap companies actually performing well in their area of operat

What’s your vehicle?

As you drive through a busy morning at peak hour traffic, you realize the despondency of the car driver. The traffic is choc-a–bloc and he is stopping every two feet, braking incessantly due to high traffic, pedestrians crossing, market place crowd etc. In times like these the car owner looks to the person in on a two-wheeler(motorbike) with envy. The bike rider seems to effortlessly manoeuvre through the traffic as a hot knife would in butter. He seems to swing and sway, making sense of the madness, to continue to forge ahead much more efficiently than a four-wheeler. This is the advantage with a MOTORBIKE as far as tackling peak hour city traffic is concerned. But let us say during the cou


Zen is the ancient Buddhist philosophy of Mindfulness. It encourages one observe without acting.At the heart of this Buddhist philosophy is the teaching to observe and let actions follow, without interfering therein. Let’s say we were to observe a caterpillar struggle within its cocoon still we know to leave it as it is the struggle that is essential in it becoming the beautiful butterfly. The Art of Investing is very similar to the ZEN philosophy. After deep due diligence once you have committed your investment for the long term, you are to stay committed to it without giving in to the urge to tamper with it. If one reacts to short term events and interferes with their investments, the resu

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