Business men only invest in their business, should they?

I was with a client discussing the portfolio and aspects of the markets, when his friend dropped by. My client introduced him as a businessman who was running a successful leather products business with exports to many foreign countries. My client added that his friend should also consult me for some financial investments. However, the friend said that he preferred investing into his own business since it gave him a better return. This is not the first instance I came across a businessman who continued to invest into his own business. But the counter to him was: 1. Every business man wears two hats, one is that of an owner (for which he is eligible to receive dividends) and one is that of a

Curious Case of the Chinese Bamboo

I was at a young client’s office last week, we had been helping him do mainly Systematic Investments over the past 12 months…the young man appeared distraught. His portfolio after 12 months of investments showed a small loss. He told me that he felt that even keeping his money in Savings account would have fetched him a better return than the loss he incurred whilst doing the SIP. I could completely understand the perspective of the young man...especially since this was his first real investments and somehow it wasn’t at all going the way he imagined it would. I could distinctly remember about 2 decades ago... I was not too different either. However, during the past two decades, whilst I hav

Is FEAR Keeping You From Seeing The Opportunity

Exactly 60 days ago, the Sensex touched 39,000 points on 28th August 2018. Since then a series of bad news, more so globally, including the rising geopolitical tensions like rising Crude prices and interest rates in US, these have had a downward sentiment on Indian stocks leading to the SENSEX closing at 34,400 (31st Oct). A drop of 11.79 % in the past 2 months in absolute terms. This means that the markets have shed almost all the gains over the past year. This comes at the back of almost 4 years (on 26 May 2014, on the eve of Prime Minister Modi's election) the SENSEX had closed a shade short of 25,000 points, even at the peak when it touched 39,000 points, the overall return to the inve

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