It is the perfect storm of bad investing time in India. While equity markets have been volatile after hitting a high at 38000 (Sensex), the debt markets have been even more volatile due to rising interest rates on the back of rising crude prices and USD rates. On the equity market front, while the Sensex has moved swiftly in the last few months from 35k to 38K, it has largely been fuelled by only a few stocks and the broader equity market has been subdued. In fact, the Midcap & Small Cap space has seen massive corrections anywhere from 10% – 40% so far. The corrections in Equity moneys are universal across the emerging markets due to reallocation of investments by the global fund managers. M


Welcome PAYTM! While paytm is about to launch Paytm MONEY that will allow its subscribers to invest into the DIRECT plans of Mutual Funds, it would be wise to examine this concept of Direct Mutual Funds v/s Regular Mutual Funds. Regular Mutual Funds are investments that are assisted with a Mutual Funds Distributor. The distributor discusses your past experience at investing, analyses your risk temperament and suggests schemes appropriately based on these factors, including the tenure you intend to stay invested. Moreover, at various intervals, they update you on the market movements, while counselling you on your investment actions. Direct Mutual Funds are options wherein Investors can go bu

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