Wealth is Health

Yes, you heard it right, Wealth is Health. While it is true that health is your first wealth, it is also true that to achieve a level of wellbeing and wellness one needs the assistance of wealth. A good health insurance will ensure the wellbeing of near and dear ones in medical distress and ensure that you are protected against huge outflows on that account. Ensuring that you keep a good term life insurance policy to protect against the untimely demise of the breadwinner. While being an unpleasant suggestion, this is nevertheless the most important aspect of Risk Planning. Also, by doing financial planning and ensuring one is working at investing consistently to move towards their goals is a


Last week my friend bought an apartment at 23% less than the market value, in that locality. How did he do it? Two months ago, this friend was looking for an apartment in an upcoming suburb in Chennai, he said that the builder quoted a price of Rs 3500/-, adding that rates in a locality in between the city centre and this area was selling at Rs 7,000/-. Immediately my friend felt that just 4-5 kms further out gave him a 50% discount. What the builder had done was anchor my friend to the 7000 per sq foot price and any discount on that would seem attractive. I asked my friend to look at it differently, i.e. I asked him to check the actual rates in that locality, in the terms of number of booki

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