The football fever is on, and all eyes are on Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar. What makes these guys stand out? Champions are ones who shine when the prospects of success are the dim. When all hope is given up, they rise like a phoenix to steer their team to success thus captivating the imagination of their fans. Being consistent, i.e. showing up every time, is a hallmark of a champion. They have always kept their teams back and ensured that their performance counted every second they were in the field. That’s how legends are made. CONSISTENCY and showing up every time. Success in the investment world is pretty similar. Sensex hit 21000 points on 21 Jan 2008, and then followed th

Early Bird Gets the WORM

Karan & Kabir, are two young people who started working pretty much at the same time. Almost the same day. Earned very similar amounts as well. While Karan was a city boy who had friends and buddies from school, college and work with whom he spent time over the weekends. Much as he tried, his habits, friends and lifestyle did not allow him too much to spare. So, for the first 10 years, between 21 to 30 years he saved nothing. Kabir on the other hand came from a smaller town into the big city for his job, hence he did not know many people and stayed focussed to his work, the only other indulgence was to go with his roommates to a movie and lunch one weekend a month. He ensured that out of his


For too many people constant action seems to symbolize progress. However in the world of investing, once you have determined your financial plan and got the implementation going.. what you need is a ZEN like calm to sit quietly and watch the grass grow. Everything takes time, a child needs 9 months to be born..yet in today’s environment of instant karma.. we find that the moment you enter an elevator, within 3 seconds we have the urge to press the door close button. We are used to Swiggy delivering our food in 15 min. We are used to Ola cab arriving at your doorstep in 10 mins. We live in the age of on-demand movies. So, we expect everything to happen at the snap of our fingertips. However,

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