Illusion in Vision

In the early 1990s Harvard university conducted an experiment called the Monkey Business illusion (available on YouTube). In the clip the viewers are asked to count how many times the group of youngsters pass a ball amongst themselves. Suddenly in the middle, a bizarre gorilla walks into the rooms and thumps his chest and moves out. At the end, after you have verified the number of passes, you are asked if you noticed anything unusual, at least half, if not more, of those who were questioned asked, “What Gorilla”? This is called the illusion of attention. In our focus of a particular issue, we completely miss out on the other obvious things. Of late, all news seems to be bad news in the Glob


The Indian Mutual Funds are undergoing a defining change, albeit silently and not entirely voluntarily. A brief history Every mutual fund company operating in India sells mutual funds as per the objectives defined by the respective fund. Regarding this there was no commonly defined parameters for funds to position themselves in, so each one followed their own logic and philosophy. This was further compounded by funds that defined themselves in a particular style but went ahead and diluted it when it suited them, invariably leading to a lot of confusion. For example, a LARGE CAP Fund, which was supposed to invest only in LARGE CAP companies would be investing a sizeable portion in MID CAP com


This morning I was with a client discussing his portfolio and investments, when he made a comment that I have heard many times before. He asked, “Are there any exciting investment options available?” What he meant to ask was; is there anything new, different, which, while being different than the existing equity or debt investments, would also be highly rewarding in the shortest possible time. Some of these guys would have heard a coffee table conversation of a friend who had invested in Bitcoin in 2012, and now, how he has been able to sell a small portion of his holding and buy a yacht or maybe heard of a friend whose angel investment returned 6x returns in 2 years time. However, I have of

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