They say being healthy is very simple; all you have to focus is on what you EAT and what your WORKOUT is. The ‘Science Of Eating’ is emerging as a new field to help us stay healthy. Gone are the days when people thought eating less was eating right. It is now clear to us that eating right is not just about the quantity of the food as much as it is about its constituents. You need the right amount of everything in your diet; carbohydrates, proteins, and even fats (yes, you heard me right)! Also, consistency is key to both diet and your workout. Whether you walk, jog, run or follow a gym routine, it won’t matter unless you do it regularly. Same is the case with investing. Not only should you b

New Fund OR Existing NAV Fund?

As an investor, we are looking at maximizing our returns whilst mitigating the risk of losses. So when we are presented identical looking schemes, one which is a new fund offer at a price of Rs 10/- unit and another existing fund which has existed for over say 10 years and whose NAV (Net Asset Value) is Rs 52/- unit, our choice invariably goes to the new fund offer because of the following rationale : The New Fund at Rs 10/- appears cheaper than the existing fund’s NAV at Rs 52/-, by almost 80% The risk of the NAV falling from Rs 10/- seems smaller and less risky when compared to the risk of the NAV at Rs 52/-, falling. However, is it the truth or is this a perception? Assuming both are ope

Why WALK when you can RUN?

I have been inspired by this quote from the autobiography of LEE IACOCCA "Lee" Iacocca is an American automobile executive best known for spearheading the development of Ford Mustang and Pinto cars, while at the Ford Motor Company in the 1960s.(Source: Wikipedia). And I find this quote quite true when it comes to most things in life, for example, why are some people rich while others remain poor? The Rich save more >> invest more>>grow more rich. In life in everything you do, you will have the option to WALK (do things at your comfort or within your comfort zone) or RUN (do things out of your comfort zone). You have to pick carefully. Whether you want to WALK or RUN. In the investing parlan


Last week I was with a client of mine who works for an IT services company. He had just received a reasonable sum of money as his performance bonus for the year ending Dec 2017. Aged about 45 years, with a large home loan as well, his wife was insisting that he close the home loan with whatever funds he gets so that they are less stressed about the outstanding loan. As middle class Indians we have been brought up with this mindset that taking loans is bad and that we must, at the earliest opportunity, close such loans and learn to live within our means. This psyche is hardwired in our brains so much so that any loan gives one an uneasy sleep. So was the case for this gentleman. So when the w

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