Is your Investment GST Compliant?

No, I did not mean the Goods & Services Tax introduced recently in India. For any successful wealth creation journey, there are three vital elements that one must address. GOALS: what is the objective of investing? The more clear and powerful the goal is, the more likely that your investment plan will be successful. A Goal should comprise of the event, the time of need and the funds needed at that time. So, for example, it could be the Higher Education Fund for your 2 year old. For this you would need that in 18 years time and what would be the quantum of funds needed especially if your ward needs the best of global education? Os, it could be your retirement goal of having a sufficient corpu

Debt or Equity which is the better investment…?

As in the story of the proverbial Rabbit & Tortoise race, the Rabbit (Equity) is a fast asset class, it moves very fast but sometimes like the rabbit in the story, it loses direction and tends to run in the opposite direction to the destination it seeks to reach. Therefore, while Equity has the speed to its advantage, its absence of direction in short periods tend to blunt the speed advantage. So too is the case for equity investments. While this asset class can deliver the best long-term returns yet in the short term these returns sometimes reverse due to a variety of factors and thereby, the returns tend to get moderated. Equity, while the best return giver in the long run, can generate th

Be that instant success … long term in the making.

I was chatting with a young investor, who had made a couple of investments in the past few years. Since the equity markets had turned volatile, he was anxious to understand if he had made the right choices. He was actually stressing that he should not get even one of his investment bets wrong. Especially in the Equity markets, one can never hope to make investments entirely right, without ever getting it wrong every now and then. If one is determined not to make a loss, then the choice would lead him to pick up suboptimal investments that have already run their course and therefore isn’t the best choice, for the best return. So, the essential rule to making great returns in stock markets is

Loss of a DIVA

Actor Sridevi was the quintessential DIVA of Indian Cinema. She held her own in Indian Cinema in many languages, starting from the south Indian Languages of Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and further branching out to Bollywood and conquering Bollywood in the 80s & 90s with blockbusters galore. Even in her comeback a few years ago in English Vinglish or MOM, she was at her classical best acting and picture of good health. All that came to an end on 24th Feb 2018, while she collapsed and died in Dubai, where she had gone for a family wedding. No one expected that Sridevi, who looked not a day over 30 years of age, would die. In hindsight, it seems almost ironic that somebody who appeared so

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