Make it a Success or an Excuse in 2018

The New Year is nearly upon us and this is your last chance to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. We are used to a life of EXCUSES; why we can’t achieve what we desire? Why too many things are working against us? Or is it our lack of goal and the desired effort. I won’t deny that one faces obstacles in life, sometimes more than usual. But obstacles are those small mole hills that you should not focus on but jump over. Only ONE THING that stands between you and financial transformation, that is to define your GOAL. It can be as simple as having a sum of money invested to achieving a financial goal by December 2018. Goals are unique to your needs but you must define it in simple, clear and measurable terms.


It is a good time to take a small pause and look at how you have done so far in life and what are the steps that are needed to move ahead. Once you have determined that you want to bring your finances under control and have a feeling of abundance, the stage is set in motion for the next step to get the process underway that is to plan your journey. The most important next step is to create a Financial Plan. It is important to keep it simple and easy to start with and review at various points. The key aspects of a simple financial plan are: 1. Cash flow Management: try and assess your income and spending patterns over the past few months/years you will need to categorise it into 4 quadrants N

‘Tis The Season To Make A Change

December is a fantastic month to embrace transformation. It’s the last month of the calendar year and the month that is important to help us prepare for the year ahead. You have a choice to prepare a mundane one or it can be TRANSFORMATIONAL. If it has to be TRANSFORMATIONAL, then the PLAN must be carefully drawn up. To change a HABIT, we need to RESOLVE to make some changes in your daily life that will enable this TRANSFORMATION. In this 4 part series titled RESOLUTION, we look at what changes are needed to make the shift to a WEALTHY LIVING. THINK LIKE A RICH MAN, THINK IN ABUNDANCE. I am a personal believer that everything is in the THOUGHT, because eventually thoughts DRIVE ACTIO

The Abilene Paradox in the Investment World

On the event of a birthday, a family decided to go out for dinner. Husband asked his wife, where to go? Thinking that he likes South Indian food, she said: “Let’s go to Saravana Bhavan, His son and daughter nodded in agreement. On their return, the son remarked, “I wish Papa had taken us to Dominos Pizza.” “Or Pizza Hut ”added his daughter. “Yes, I too would have loved to go to Dominos Pizza!” the man said. Wife looked surprised: “But didn’t we all unanimously agree to go to Saravana Bhavan,” she asked. He said sheepishly “I didn’t want you to feel bad.” And both children nodded in agreement. Here were four people, who of their own volition would not have gone to ‘Saravana Bhavan, but collec

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