8 or 80 years - In the life of a Human Being, what is long term?

Time is one the most misunderstood dimensions exposed to humans. A great movie for 3 hours will seem very short, on the other hand, while entering an elevator, the 3 seconds that it takes for the door to close automatically will seem very long. Since time is pliable based on the purpose it serves, it is therefore relevant that one understands the time horizon in the context of the purpose, so that better investment decisions can be made. In this day and age of shortening technology cycles and rapidly changing paradigms, is long term relevant any more or should long term be looked at as a series of short terms stitched together? While exploring this we came across this computation on Mutual F


I was out to meet a customer last week and while discussing he mentioned that he had received some funds amounting to Rs 25 lakhs as an advance for a sale of property. This is likely to happen in a month’s time. I enquired with him what he was doing with the money until then. That is when he mentioned that since the period was only a month, he chose to leave it in a savings account (earning 4 % per annum) with TDS deduction, as compared to parking in liquid funds (getting about 6.50% per annum) with similar liquidity. I was clearly puzzled. Here was a potentially higher interest, with apparently no greater effort and not for the lack of knowing it (as we already do liquid fund parking for hi


Man is genetically programmed to act with HERD mentality. It is our way of survival in numbers, we thrived and anyone who went on his own way invariably perished. So it is innate in our thoughts and actions that we act in unison. Even if we are wrong it gives us great strength in knowing that it is not only us but a whole lot of people who made similar mistakes that acts as a balm in helping us live with bad investment decisions. However, there is a contrarian approach in investments that also merits some discussions contrarian thinking. To put it simply, is to think away from the crowds i.e. if the whole market is thinking in a particular direction, then this involves looking at it differen

Why it is time to visit the Cemetary

We often come across success icons in the media, on both print and television. Be it an actor, author, news anchor or investor, success is infectious and gives us the impression that if they can do it so can we. I have a friend Anand Subramanian, who was greatly inspired to write when Chetan Bhagat first came on the scene. He started with all enthusiasm and wrote persistently for the first few weeks. However, he got interrupted with some work related travel and then followed by a domestic health issue in the family; cut to now, he has not finished his original manuscript yet, after over a decade. For every one Chetan Bhagat, we will have thousands of authors whose books haven’t been bought y

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