Over the past few days, we have been hearing people losing money in some chit funds of a famous jewelry chain, or deposits in a builder who was offering a high rate of interest. This has happened from time immemorial and will continue as long as we do not understand the fundamental tenets of investing. 1. GREED: The single most important factor leading people to make some of these unscrupulous deposits is the GREED that is associated with earning a higher rate of INTEREST. Especially in unregulated entities. These high interest rates become unsustainable in the long term and tend to develop into a PONZI scheme, where fresh money is used to retire old maturities thereby further spiralling the

Deepavali – Defeat the Spending Narakasura in you

Deepavali all over South India is celebrated as the event, marking the defeat of the Demon Narakasura by Lord Krishna. It is symbolic that we also celebrate this Deepavali by defeating the SPENDING NARAKASURA in us. Very few people have a control over their cashflows and how to manage the same. Since most people do not have a plan, they end up always spending on impulsive purchases and thereby having little or no savings at all. Today let us look at 5 simple things that one can do to achieve financial savings and let us start on this happy occasion of Deepavali. Interestingly, it is also celebrated as Lakshmi Pooja to get some control on one’s spending. KEEP AN ACCOUNT OF YOUR SPENDS: If you

Buying a Diamond Necklace - The Magical Power of Compounding

Every married man will attest to the fact that when he has spent a wonderful 25 years with his partner, the 25th Wedding Anniversary is a BIG affair. Apart from the parties and get togethers, the expectation is a memorable GIFT. And, what better than ___________ are a girl’s best friend. At a recent friend's 25th Anniversary party, the friend surprised his wife with an expensive Diamond Necklace which was stunning. On a lighter note, that will buy him enough brownie points to last till his 50th Anniversary I am sure! But more seriously a few days after the party, I bumped into him and congratulated his fine taste at the diamond jewellery, also seeking tips on how and where he had bought it.

Discover the Mahatma in your investing journey!

It is the 2nd of October, the birthday of Mahatma. Mahatma Gandhi ushered in India’s Freedom from the British Empire by using some unprecedented approaches that were unconventional yet hugely impactful. Can some of those ideas guide us to be better investors? At a time when violence was seen as the only tool to oppose a tyrannical regime, Mahatma used a hitherto unheard-of approach of AHIMSA (NON VIOLENCE), coupled with non cooperation, as principal means of opposing the British Empire. This was an unattractive approach and therefore dismissed, even by the British, as a move that was unsustainable. However, history would go on to show that unconventional ideas if pursued with passion & vigou

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