Diversify , a Risk Mitigation Strategy

In the backdrop of the ongoing INFOSYS saga hopefully, this article will be topical. INFOSYS was the darling of the Indian stock market not so long ago. If Infosys results were good for a particular quarter, it set the trend for how the other stocks would be looked at by the market. It is one of the top held stock across all mutual funds, LIC, and many other institutional investors and also retail public investors. However, the ongoing spat between the Board and the founders about how the company must be run has had a telling impact on the stock prices in the stock exchange. The stock which saw a one year high of 1100, is now at 870 levels (22nd Aug, 2017). Diversification of one’s investmen

Why Mutual Funds are better than Stocks for the common Man ?

Let's say you are an active investor, with a background and history in the market, and pride yourself on reading all the latest updates on the markets.. Back in 2007, your picks would have been Reliance Communications ( 730), Videocon ( 755), JP Associates ( 260) among the many popular names doing the rounds then.. Cut to 2017, Reliance Communications ( 22), Videocon ( 19), JP Associates ( 22)... While index itself has just about only doubled from 15000 points to 31000 points, the Mutual Funds (Large Cap Ones ) have mostly delivered about 12 - 15 % per annum, a SUPERB performance in this back drop. Because mutual funds is always available to buy and is not restricted in any form, people t

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